Members of ENDOS laboratory coordinate and participate in a new PROMIS project, titled “Common phthalate DEHP and women’s reproductive health risk assessment: mechanistic and chronic low-dose exposure studies”. Acronym DETOX, Funded by Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, shortly DEHP, is the most commonly used phthalate in plastic products, and it is used to make plastics more flexible. Plastic is all around us, and DEHP is use in many types of products, including cosmetics, building materials, automotive parts, household accessories, PVC floor coverings, medical tubing, blood bags, clothes, beach equipment, baby toys etc. DEHP is a very powerful endocrine disruptor, which alters hormonal balance in our body. Project is aimed to fill the gap in knowledge about the mechanism of DEHP toxicity and to identify the potential link between exposure to DEHP and the reduction of reproductive potential among women of reproductive age. Project will be implemented in cooperation between the two institutions: Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Medicine from University of Novi Sad.

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