Environmental signaling and ovarian diseases susceptibility (EcoSignal)


Funded by European Commission, FP7-PEOPLE, Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG), 2012-2016


Project goals (PGs):

PG1: Identifing signalling mechanism of estrogenic EDC action in developing ovary
Emphasis on AKT signalling cascade

PG2: Determining estrogenic EDC-sensitive signalling and luteinisation process in ovarian granulosa cells (GCs)
Emphasis on ERK signalling cascade and triggering luteinisation of the GCs

PG3: Identifing mechanistic properties of EDC mixture in developing ovary
Exposure of neonatal ovaries to the EDC mixture followed by analysis of the PTEN/AKT signalling
and follicular activation in developing ovary.

PG4: Identifing mechanistic properties of EDC mixture in GCs
Investigating additive or sinergistic effect on the ERK-C/EBPβ signalling and luteinisation of GCs.